Rowland Truck Lines
How We Started

Rowland Truck Lines was built to simplify shipping across the Southeast United States. Founded by Dusty Rowland in 2010, Rowland Truck Lines provides superior transportation solutions for a wide array of food and non-food products.

Built on trust, loyalty, and great workmanship, our company offers seamless transport services. Our SmartWay-certified trucks are handled by experienced drivers who are trained to transport your items in a safe and timely manner.

Our company is strategically located in the heart of Central Florida. From shipping perishable goods to dry goods and even live animals, Rowland Truck Lines is here to offer you value in every package.

Rowland Truck Lines Advantages

Rowland Truck Lines is fully equipped to provide a diverse set of shipping services.


Rowland Truck Lines operates a fleet of late model Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors equipped with Thermo King TripPak auxiliary generators to reduce fuel consumption and improve driver comfort. We are always trying to improve efficiency through technology, training, and better utilization. Our fleet of late model Utility refrigerated trailers equipped with Thermo King C600 units, which are the most fuel efficient and reliable units on the market today.


Rowland Truck Lines utilizes the most advanced systems to improve efficiency and safety. We have partnered with some of the most recognized companies in the world today, such as Peoplenet for our in-cab electronic log and communication devises, and Thermo King TracKing Systems for our trailer tracking and temperature monitoring systems that allow us to monitor, change, and download all information from our Thermo King units from our desktop.


Fuel efficient tractors, Fuel conservation initiatives, Lower tractor emissions, and Aerodynamic trailer technology and rewarding successful drivers for their active role in protecting our environment. Environmental sustainability and fuel economy are at the forefront of the success of any carrier. That’s why we’re finding ways every day to work towards sustainable solutions for our company and the world we all share.

Food Safety

Rowland Truck Lines delivers all cargo within the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) guidelines. We work hard to protect our customers’ product and to ensure its safety throughout the cold chain process. We ensure all of our equipment is clean, free from contamination, and held to product specific temperature requirements during transit. With the Thermo King TracKing trailer and temperature monitoring system we can tell the location, temperature, fuel level, and door status. We also wash and sanitize our trailers weekly at the very least and have implemented the strictest requirements for our trailers in the industry today.


Deeply embedded within our culture are work ethics that solidify our commitment to serve and provide transportation services that are rooted in trust, respect, and integrity.

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Our company is deeply committed to a culture that is centered on the safe and timely transport across the Southeast United States. We strive to advance our current transport practices so we can offer valued services to our customers.

By offering consistent and on time services, we can help our clients leverage their transportation services.

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Geared towards providing flexible and reliable transportation services in the Southeast United States, our company integrates the best transport practices with a client-centered approach so we can offer our customers value and consistency. We provide early and safe transportation while meeting the demands of the transportation industry.

With the help of our advanced equipment and logistics competencies, we are able to deliver high-quality services that attract growth for businesses that greatly rely on the transportation industry. Here at Rowland Truck Lines, we respect your time and your trust in our services.

Ship Your Goods the Smart Way!

Rowland Truck Lines remains true to its commitment of providing expert transportation services. With the help of our experienced team, we can help you build a reliable partnership.

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